Rhonda Wilson

Even more remarkable was her response to the chemotherapy drug, Herceptin.  She holds the NGOC record as the patient treated with the drug for the longest period of time without re-occurrence.  Rhonda’s under the watchful care of Dr. Don Shaffer, who adeptly explained Rhonda’s predicament living with cancer but without active disease.

Kathy Foulk

“Dr. U was incredible through my journey,” says Foulk. “It was such a joy to have someone you could put all your trust in and know everything was going to be ok.”

Anne Corbett

“Dr. Hermann is very knowledgeable and perfect for me because he’s so straightforward,” said Anne. “I didn’t need anyone to pat my knee and say it was going to be OK. The good Lord was looking out for me by giving me a great surgeon and a great oncologist.”

Shaan Hawkins

Her family in North Georgia is full of “warrior-survivors,” so after drying their tears after hearing the news, they decided Shaan’s diagnosis “was one more battle our family was going to fight and win.”