Our Patient's Stories

We are committed to our patients’ in their personal battles against cancer, and provide a high-quality cancer treatment, genuine caring support with compassion and guidance. We are thankful for the privilege of caring for our patients by playing a part in their stories of hope, courage, and renewal. Here are some of our patient's personal stories in their fight against cancer.

Eric Prince

“I am very thankful. I had a wonderful experience and miss seeing everyone at Northwest Georgia Oncology, but I don’t miss cancer.”

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Joseph Cummins

“Without exception, the entire team at NGOC’s Carrollton Cancer Center has treated me with the utmost respect, courtesy and compassion thereby making this journey a whole lot easier to complete,” said Joseph.  “And Dr. Pierce reminds me of my favorite 100-year-old Grand Marnier,” Joseph said.   “That’s special.  Almost as special as the day when I finally hit it big.”

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Ricky Hitt

“I would say to other people diagnosed to cancer to make the most of every day. Some days you don’t want to get out of bed and some days are more difficult than others, but don’t give up,” said Ricky. “I was stage three and now I’m clear. People like me usually aren’t around eight years later.”

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Ivy Dudley

“Dr. Hahm is a wealth of information,” Ivy said. “She explains things so thoroughly that I don’t worry about the ‘what ifs’? Not having to wonder made me feel secure and confident I could beat breast cancer.” Because Dr. Hahm believed she had a 99 percent cure rate, Ivy believed. An avid reader, Ivy boosted her confidence by learning all she could about her diagnosis – her antidote for being afraid.

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George Bunch III

“Now that I am retired, I can play golf and spend more time with my wife and family,” said Bunch. “I also am thankful for Dr. Shaffer and the staff at NGOC. It’s nice they are there for me, not far down the road.”

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Diane Crute

Dr. Carmen Klass of Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers in Marietta was the choice to direct Diane’s cancer treatment and care. “She is fabulous, extremely caring and forthcoming about how cancer affects not only your body, but your life. The personal interaction during my appointments means the world to me,” Diane said. “Dr. Klass told me they would cry with me and hold my hand if I needed them to. I got the feeling we’re all in this together.”

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Denise West-Smith

“I don’t know how I survived 2008 without my faith, family and friends,” said Denise, who one year later was in complete remission.  “I had a sanctuary full of people that, one by one, put their hand on me and prayed for healing.  It gave me the strength I needed.”

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Ashley Hallford

“When there was no Band-Aid to fix my cancer, we put our trust in God and Dr. Miller,” said Ashley. “Dr. Miller had the wisdom and expertise to make the right cancer treatment choices for me.”

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Rhonda Wilson

Even more remarkable was her response to the chemotherapy drug, Herceptin.  She holds the NGOC record as the patient treated with the drug for the longest period of time without re-occurrence.  Rhonda’s under the watchful care of Dr. Don Shaffer, who adeptly explained Rhonda’s predicament living with cancer but without active disease.

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Kathy Foulk

“Dr. U was incredible through my journey,” says Foulk. “It was such a joy to have someone you could put all your trust in and know everything was going to be ok.”

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Anne Corbett

“Dr. Hermann is very knowledgeable and perfect for me because he’s so straightforward,” said Anne. “I didn’t need anyone to pat my knee and say it was going to be OK. The good Lord was looking out for me by giving me a great surgeon and a great oncologist.”

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Shaan Hawkins

Her family in North Georgia is full of “warrior-survivors,” so after drying their tears after hearing the news, they decided Shaan’s diagnosis “was one more battle our family was going to fight and win.”

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Vickie Jones

Vickie began radiation treatments in January 2011 and began a rigorous chemotherapy regimen after Dr. Hahm reviewed her cancer-prone family history. Dr. Hahm reassured Vickie her chances of survival were great because of early detection.   “She did a good job at explaining why I needed chemo and convinced me, despite side effects, it was the best route for a cure.”

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Viviana Baxter

In 2004, breast cancer became a chapter in her life’s story. Viviana was diagnosed with HER-2 positive breast cancer and, ever resourceful, enlisted a friend in the medical field to “find the best oncologist that you know of so I can start this journey”at Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers.

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Cindy Parks

“It makes a world of difference not having to drive far away,” said Cindy. “When I am tired or don’t feel well I am home in Talking Rock within a few minutes. And if there are any issues, Dr. Shaffer and team are nearby.”

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Shannon Gallman

“I cannot thank God enough for this blessing,” says Gallman, “I am very thankful for Dr. Wadehra. I feel like I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the care I received.”

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Cancer Patient Support Services

Many community service groups, assistance programs and non-profit organizations have provided resources for Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers’ patients, including transportation, meals, medical supplies, drug assistance, rent/mortgage payments, utility bills, credit counseling, employment, and crisis intervention.

If you need resource assistance, please contact a member of your cancer team. Our cancer centers are equipped to help guide you to the proper resources. We also have a general list of online resources available.


Cancer is a tough, life-changing experience and to help make that journey easier, Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers (NGOC) is proud to support Loving Arms Cancer Outreach, a not-for-profit organization designed to help patients and their families receive the cancer support, education, and outreach they need.

Founded by two oncology nurses, Loving Arms‘ services include emotional support, financial assistance, and transportation to treatments with an opportunity to get involved via support group meetings and fundraisers. Loving Arms’ executive board consists of nurses, cancer survivors, cancer patients, and people from the community. 

Outreach programs include:

  • Support Group (every 3rd Thursday of the month)
  • Financial Assistance
  • Education
  • Diva Days
  • Hospice / Bereavement / Counseling
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • “Pay it Forward” program
  • Wigs and hats for chemo patients

View the Loving Arms “One Heart” video.  For more information, visit www.lovingarms.support.

"One Heart" by Loving Arms

Loving Arms Cancer Outreach
833 Campbell Hill St., Suite 220
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Want to learn more about cancer?

Visit these sites for more information: