Second Opinion

We want to eliminate the “what ifs” and to provide our patients with peace of mind and confidence in their cancer care. Call today to schedule a second opinion consultation with a NGOC oncologist.

Would you like a second opinion about your cancer or blood disorder diagnosis? Our cancer team provides second opinion consultations as a way to reassure you are getting the best treatment plan and advance care available. We’ll help guide you to a treatment center or physician specializing in the treatment of your condition. So if you wish to have a second opinion, please discuss this with your physician. We’ll provide the names of experts available and facilitate making the appointment and transferring appropriate records.

Please bring the following medical information to your second opinion consultation:

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If you have cancer, a medical oncologist is needed to manage your care. A good oncologist has the knowledge and training to diagnose your condition and give you the right treatment. At NGOC we are here to help you each and everyday.